The Horrors "Luminous"

Album Info

  • Release Date: May 5, 2014
  • Producer: The Horrors, Craig Silvey, Paul Epworth
  • Label: XL

Finally we've got post with one of the most exciting album of the year. I'm absolutely in love with The Horror's new album. Kiss goodbye to the boys who made ‘Jack The Ripper’, as ‘Luminous’ buries that band forever. One part of me is sad, that I'll never see old The Horrors again, but another is so happy, that they grow up as a musicians, as a professionals. 

There’s no denying that ‘Luminous’ is a handsome collection, and every now and then it does step beyond the light psychedelia its makers have mastered: ‘In And Out Of Sight’ is all synthetic pulses and gauzy guitars, and a little bit wonderful. But across its 10 tracks, the album focuses more on the complete experience than unexpected instances of sidestepping intrigue.

 "I See You", the first glimpse of Luminous: you could spend all seven-and-a-half minutes of thinking of adjectives to describe this dazzling moonshot and still not come up with anything better than “luminous.” But the title of the song is even more telling, considering its likeness to Skying’s second single, “I Can See Through You”, highlighting the biggest obstacle Luminous faces; it's at turns utterly breathtaking and vaguely familiar, but in the end it just sorta sounds like Skying.

The similarities between old and new are disappointing if you value how the Horrors have made radical transformations from album to album. But in the longview, they’ve always been driven by the same instincts and ambitions.

Well, just buy and listen it. After this album I love them more, and I'm sure that this bans is absolutely genius.  

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